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How to Select a Porsche Camshaft
By John Luetjen

Camshafts are one of the defining elements of an engine’s performance and often one of the least understood. As a result the camshaft is often selected as an afterthought which can result in unintentional compromises and an engine that doesn’t perform to its full potential. In this article I will be outlining a process that can help you to select the right camshaft for your air cooled normally aspirated 911’s engine. Please keep in mind that camshaft design and the interactions between the camshaft and the engine is a very complex subject which could never be covered in a few paragraphs. My intention is to introduce the key facets so that reader can be confident that they are “in the ball park” and have a meaningful conversation with their engine builder or cam designer.

At it’s simplest, the function of a camshaft is to open and close an engine’s valves in synchronicity with the pistons cycles. How it does this has a fundamental impact on the speed with which each cylinder is filled, the acoustical tuning of the exhaust and intake systems and the functional compression ratio of the engine. By the careful management of these factors it is possible to select a camshaft that will work in concert with the other components in the engine and optimize its performance.

Step1 - Define the Performance Parameters

Step 2 - Cam Parameters

Selecting the Appropriate Cam for Your Engine.
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