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Porsche engine rebuilds, race prep and overhauls

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Supertec provides a complete menu of machine services.
Head Work
Valve Job
Stud repair
Twin plug
Zyglow for cracks

Piston Work
Valve pockets
Ring groove resizing
Dome reshaping
Zyglow for cracks

Crankshaft Work
Knife edge
Cross drill for better rod oiling (2 and 5)
Grind journals for custom rod fitment
Replace crank plugs (remove aluminum and install threaded steel)
Install dual pulley pins

Fuel Injection
Bosch butterfly housing built or resized
Custom velosity stacks
Fabricated fuel lines (black or clear Paramed plastic as used by Porsche factory race cars)
Custom fuel enrichment devises
Fuel injection pumps rebuilt and customized
Custom made hand choke mechanism for MFI
Fuel distributers rebuilt

Bosch Ignition
Rebuild ignition distributer( recurve and rebush)
Assemble custom distributers (ie; piontless for early 901)
Fabricate twin plug distributers

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