Bosch Fuel Injection Service: Specializing in Mechanical Fuel Injection (MFI)

Supertec provides Bosch expertise.

SUPERTEC PERFORMANCE is now offering a complete MFI service. We rebuild throttle housings, up-date "T" housings to "S" and beyond . With the help of Aaron Burnham we can now bore throttle stacks to suit almost any application. We can even bore the plastic stacks.

Below you see three different throttle housings for three different applications. 38-36 stock “S”. 40-38 good for 2.7 and 41.5-40 for engines 3.0 and larger. There are also three different stacks.
Plastic 40-46mm , mag 40-46mm and the monster 41.5-52mm.
We will have stock and oversized stacks on the shelf for exchange or out-right purchase.

Call and we’ll chart the best path for your next MFI project.

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