New Porsche Projects


These cylinder head studs are an innovative design that is unique compared to anything else on the market today. The kit includes 24 studs, washers, head nuts, anti sieze and Loctite. The polished studs have rolled threads; the case end is slightly longer, permitting it to thread deeper into the case, and the head end is fine threaded for smoother and more consistent torque. The nuts are 12-point with a serrated flange and the washers are hardened ground.


Supertec chose an alloy that is race-proven and impervious to corrosion. They spent two years to design and develop this product until the desired specs were achieved. These studs are currently being used in everything from 700hp+ race engines to two-liter production street engines. Until now, these studs have been one of the best kept secrets in the high performance Porsche world. Now they are available to you through Pelican, and at a reasonable price too! Best of all, they are GUARANTEED for LIFE! (Any reported failures will be subject to analysis by Supertec Performance.)
Fuel lines available in black (coated) or white.
White set of 6 is $220.
Black coated set of 6 $280.00
Don't they remind you a little of a 906, 908 or 917?
Manufactured from high pressure Polymid tubing. Operating pressure rated @ 500PSI Burst pressure tested at 1100 PSI.
906/910 style Clear/white $220.00/set of 6
935 style Black heat coated $280.00/set of 6
This is a set of oversized Bosch MFI butterfly with RSR stacks installed. Cool? It's a nice look, great performance and a reasonable price.
Finally, a way to make your early Porsche fuel injected engine run well when it's cold. Easy installation and operates off a simple cable from the drivers seat. Clean, easy and it works!! 
MFI Butterfly Linkage Rods
For many years these rods have been unavailable, even from Porsche but now we have them. We manufactured these rods to factory specs, we even made them out of aluminum. What good are new bushings when the linkage is worn out. Some times, replacing the linkage is all you need to achieve the throttle response and idle you haven't experienced in years. Sold in sets of four only $80.00.





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